Door latches

posted Jun 25, 2012, 9:06 AM by Bill Thomasson
Wow, not this is not what I expected.  It is the door latches that are driving me crazy.  Just seems to take way longer then it seems it should.  Lots of little things to do. Also trying to flip back and forth between the Vans instructions and the plane-arround.  It would be really nice if plane-arround would fully replace Vans instructions, duplicating or referencing Vans where needed. 
First set of parts constructed and match drilled.
Handle match drilled to door.
Marked for center latch (plane-around)
Hole cut.  Used dremil and files to cut it.
Parts layed out to help understand how they fit.
Pin guide sanded.  Upper one is how it comes, lower one is fit for the door.  Used bandsaw and then belt sander.
Have about 8 hrs in the door latches at this point. (Pin guides drilled to doors. Center gear in door).  Probably have another 8 hrs to go on the latches.