Starting Doors

posted Jun 25, 2012, 8:23 AM by Bill Thomasson
Well the doors are supposedly one of the hated areas of the kit that take forever.  So far I am not seeing them as that bad, but maybe I am just being optimistic.  Most RV-10 blogs show the doors taking 170-190 hours.  I don't think mine are going to take that long.
Doors come in 2 halves.  The outer shell, and the inner one.  First you trim them to size, and trim the window opening to rough size. Above is outer shell before trimming.
Trim lines marked.  Around the window are 3 lines, the first trim line, middle drill line to drill holes for clecos, and the final (after halves are joined) cut line.
Inner door trimmed.
After trimming both halves, you are supposed to cleco them together in 6 places in premarked indexing holes.  The lower 4 holes were aligned for me on both doors, but the upper holes were off by about 1/4 to 3/8 inch.  In the picture above the red circled hole was the index hole, the new hole I drilled has the black cleco tip showing.  This is a common complaint about the doors.  Since I had read lots about the holes not matching up, I was able to just move on without worring about it.
Door Clecoed on to fuselage.  It is being held on by one cleco on the front (to a hole left open in the fuselage), and one in the rear.
Use a hole finder to find and match drill the other open rivet holes in the fuselage.
Hole finder was really easy to make out of some scrap aluminum and a few rivets.
Clecos in all the holes.
Attach door tightly to cabin top with clamps and tape, then match drill all the window holes.
Doors are then removed, and the halves are covered in thickened epoxy and glued together.  As soon as they are together they are clamped to the fuselage so they bond in the exact curve of the fuselage.
All clamped up and drying.
8.5 hrs so far.