posted Dec 31, 2012, 6:40 AM by Bill Thomasson
I decided to go with the Lord 7545 adhisive to mount my windows instead of the weldon that is reccomended in the manual.  I purchased mine from another builder that had extra.
Positioning and test fitting windshield
Taping up and getting ready to glue door windows.
Door windows glued up. 
Layed up 2 strips of s-glass over edge of window.  Followed by micro and lots of sanding between.
Windshield fairing layed up.
Peal-ply on top. Used toner to make the layup black so that it will look better from the inside.
Rear window installed, and layed up.
First coat of micro.
3 Coats of micro total, then UV-smooth prime.  Faring came out great in my opinion.
Side of front window.
Side window after micro and smooth prime.
With broken hand I could not do much other than painting and sanding, so coated rest of top with UV-Smooth prime, and then sanded down.  No more pink top :)  Most of fiberglass is now ready (or close to ready) for paint.
Doors after priming.
Doors on the plane with the windows in.  Feels like I am on the home-stretch, but know I have 15-18 months more to go.