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Section 46 : Engine Mount & Gear


Gear assembly

posted Sep 7, 2012, 7:15 AM by Bill Thomasson

Had to grind down the edge of the shock absorber so that it would not rub on the engine mount.  Saw on Vans that other people had the same problem and that was the solution.
Assembled the wheels
Packed the barrings with #22 grease.
Main Gear assembled.
Lifted the plane up onto workbench so that we could install the gear and drill the bolt.
Daniel came over to help lift.  The plane has gotten heavier then expected, but we managed to get it up and to assemble the main gear, drill the bolts, and dissasemble.  Can't leave it on gear in the basement as it will not fit out the door with the gear on.  Plan is to slide it out the door, and put the gear in as it comes out the door, then roll it up to the garage when the time comes.  Should be about 6 weeks away. (Mid to late October 2012)

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