Cowl initial matching

posted Feb 21, 2013, 12:52 PM by Bill Thomasson
Trying to do everything I can before mounting the engine.  Started on the cowl and spinner.
Spinner backplate cut, still need final filing.
Cardboard template of prop cutout.
Prop now has a spinner.  I have done the initial cutout, but cant change the pitch of the prop without it bolted to the engine, so that it will need more trimming later.
Rear plate fitted. again will need more trimming when I can change the pitch of the prop.
Initial cut of the top cowl.  Needed to cut about 3/8 inch from one side, and 1/16th from the other.  Used a laser line to get it straight across the different surfaces.
Bottom cowl showing cut to be made.  Other side had almost no cut.
Cowl halves together.
Gear slit on bottom cut.
Oil door cut.  I was going to use a hidden hinge, but I think it may conflict with the pluem (sp?). so I stopped installing it until I get the Pluenm installed.
That is as far as the cowl can go before the engine is on.
Also deburred and match drilled the parts that go on the bottom of the cowl.  Started deburring the baffleing, no picutures, nothing exciting.