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Engine Install

posted Jun 6, 2013, 9:22 AM by Bill Thomasson
About 2 hrs.
1.5 to get it out of the box, .5 to actually install it.
Tones of foam to break away to get at the engine.
Finally there it is!
Mosture tag turned from blue to pink in about 5 min after opening it.
Some oil leakage in a couple places... hope it won't when running
Hoist in place.  Had to lift up engine pallet to get the hoist under it.
Engine installed.  Had some builder over for a party and to install the engine.  Forgot to take pictures with people here, but engine went on very quickly.  We put the top bolts in first according to the plans, but were having trouble getting the bottom bolts in.  Took them out, and inserted the bottom bolts, then top, and were able to get them aligned with no problem.  Would have taken a lot of work solo, but 3 people were plenty, and goes on quickly.