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Fresh Air Box (FAB)

posted Feb 5, 2014, 8:25 AM by Bill Thomasson
FAB instructions are old style and not as nice as the rest of the RV10 instructions.
This is the amount I cut off the end to be able to clear the cowl.

Showing interference with the cowl.

I have finished the FAB, but don't appear to have any other pictures.
I added a .032 layer of aluminum in the bottom to protect the filter from wearing through the fiberglass (a common problem. and fabricated a different sliding alternate air door.  One that is open and closeable in-flight.

I also made a pro-seal gasket (waxed the top plate and then bolted it on with proseal under it.  this makes a tighter fit over the air seal.

I will try to find some pictures of the alternate air door.