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Moving to the Airport

posted Mar 24, 2014, 8:48 AM by Bill Thomasson
I have done just about everything that I can do without the wings permanently attached, so it must be time to move to the airport.

I called out to the Atlanta builder for some help, got a 17' U-Haul for the wings and tools, and a car carrier for the fuselage.  It took calling 7 tow companies before I could find one that would move it.  The mom-and-pop ones did not want to deal with anything out of the ordinary, or were worried about liability/damage.  Finally I found one that would.

The motly crew showed up and we loaded up the wings, and all the tools.  I did not take any work benches, but just some sawhorses and plywood for a table.  There was plenty of room in the 17' truck.

After the truck was loaded we moved the plane out.  you can see how tight of a fit it was coming diagonally out of the single garage door.

An hour later (and an hour late) the tow company showed up.
He had to take the rails off the bed as it was only 1" wider than the wheels.  Once that was off it only took a few minutes to get it on the truck and tied down.  The tail did come within just a couple inches of the ground as it was put on the truck.
I put bolts in the spars to be tied down to.  Some builders had tied it down with the steps, and ended up with loose steps.  Also, I was missing a tiedown ring. (Sure I will find it when I clean out my basement), but found identical (but chrome plated) tiedown rings at Lowes Aviation for $8 for 2 rings.

2 hours later we not only were at the airport but had the wings  and tail on.

What a great day.