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Pre-Engine Install

posted Sep 7, 2012, 7:31 AM by Bill Thomasson
Assembled oil cooler box
Riveted to plane.
Still one rivet that I could not get by myself.  Also I painted them with high temp engine paint (Silver).  That is so it is easier to see oil/dirt and clean.
Installed other mounts on firewall and sealed with firewall sealant.
Installed cable passthroughs.  I drilled a second hole in the passthrough so I could have both cables in one opening.  Will do the same for the Alt air and oil cooler air.  Cables still need to be trimmed to length.
Installed heat box controler
Created gasket for heat box.  This is a recommendation from Vic to keep the conductive heat transfer down from the heat boxes to the firewall.
Created Stainless steal heat shields for control cable passthroughs, and attached nutplates for mounting them.
I hate stainless steal.
Created passthrough for alternate air and oil cooler air control
Mounted engine mount.
Just about ready for engine to go on, at least from the perspective of mounting stuff on the firewall.  Need to finish all my wiring, mount the upper forward fuselage and windows, and move it up to the garage.  Just ordered the engine.