Kit Order    10/7/2011
 Kit Arrived 12/6/2011
Time 470 so far as of 5/20/2012 est 78 to go
 Kit Finished Estimate 6/11/2012 based on 550 hr.
 Changes from plans     Proseal all skins
  Stainless Steal heat box http://www.planeinnovations.com/heaterbypass.html ($196)
  Aerosport panel + interior http://www.aerosportproducts.com/rv10interior.htm. (~$4000)
  Aerosport overhead console
  Sound Insulation
  Step bolt access panels
  Antenna under rear seat access panel
  Conduate Runs under baggage compartement & Rear seats
 Current Status Picture
All Fuselage pictures.


Moving Day

posted Dec 31, 2012, 8:57 AM by Bill Thomasson

Well I had some other RV builders over for a BBQ and to move the plane from my basement to garage.
We rolled the plane out the door (on its temporary dollies).  As soon as we got the spar outside the doors we slid the gear into place and bolted them on.  Dee (my wife) says the house is giving birth to an airplane.
It tooks some manuvering to get the plane out from under the deck with the gear on, it was wider than the deck supports.  We shimmied it sideways and were able to get it out one side at a time.
Up in garage with the nose gear on as well.

Arrive and Unpack

posted Mar 13, 2012, 7:53 AM by Bill Thomasson

First impressions: Wow that is much bigger box than the tail or wings. Most of the box is empty space with the cabin top taking up most of the space. Next impression. Lots of individual parts. There are very few stacks of similar parts (like ribs), each one is different. There are also a TON of bagged bolts, rivets, and misc small parts.
It arrives!
Crate is cracked open. Boy that is a pink top. I did not realize the windshield came in this kit, I though it came in the finishing kit.

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