Fuse Side Skin 2/28/2012 - 3/11/2012

posted Mar 13, 2012, 7:14 AM by Bill Thomasson   [ updated Mar 13, 2012, 8:12 AM ]
Finish riveting skins.  Chris Walters helped out on the rivets I could not do myself including the rear bottom skin, and both front bottom skins.
Plane got dropped down to floor once I got sideskins on.  I got the spar wheel supports from Brian & Brandi as their 10 is on it's gear.
Had my first EAA Tech Councelor visit.  He signed off that the workmanship looked good.  I was really glad to hear that, as I have not had much contact with experianced builders, just with other first time builders.  I thought my workmanship was OK, but it is nice to have it confirmed.
Installed sound insulation in the forward floorboards.
Pop Riveted floorboards on and installed gear mounts.
Getting all the bolts in the gear mounts, especially the lower ones was a slow and difficult task.
Finally ended up with this process.  It took 2 hours to do the first side, then only 1/2 hr to do the second after I had it figured out.
I used a drill with a chain of flex and extension drives with a socket on the end to spin the bolt.  Please make sure to look at the directions as to what and where the washers go, because not all the bolts have the same washers, or same positions.
Hard to see in this picture, but I used a flexible gripper hand to place the washers on the bolts.  The grip would hold a washer on its edge.  I had tried magnetic wand, but as the washer touched the bolt it would just stick and then fold over.
I then used a wrench on a stick to get the bolt on.  I have not yet torc'ed the bolts as I could not get my torc wrench on the nuts.  I am probably going to cut the side out of a socket so that it can slip over the bolt.
Assembled and match drilled, deburred and dimpled rear air vents.  Had to wait for more pieces to prime, so did the steps and forward fuselage. 
Riveted and final assembled them.  Used the dental floss trick to get the washers and peices aligned. (thread all pieces with dental floss.  Pull tight to align pieces, then slide in bolt.  after bolt in, then pull out dental floss).