Baggage and Seat Floors

posted Mar 20, 2012, 7:11 AM by Bill Thomasson
Assembled and match drilled seats.  Cut and match drilled hinge for seat back attachment.  There are lots of detailed steps as to exactly what holes get drilled when.  It took some time making sure which holes to drill when.  Seems like it would have been easier to just say "Match drill all holes as appropreate either #40,#30, or #19"  Same with the dimpling steps.  Just give a diagram like the riveting diagram that has dimples instead.
Cut apart and deburred baggage stiffeners.  Match drilled to floor.
Dimpled all parts.
Pre-Kote and primed all parts for baggage floors.
Backriveted stiffeners and nutplates on floor and seat bottoms.
Floors and rear door edge are ready to go in, need to run conduate and sound insulation before riveting.
Cut out holes for access plates.  I used Van's stall warning access plates.  I tried to place them as close as I could to the rib so that I could get to the bolt.
Started creating brackets to hold the conduate.  I am using Van's 3/4" black conduate.  I am going to run 2 of them on the left side, and another on the left from the rear seat for the antenna.  Also running 3 on the right side.
Hopefully that will be enough as if it is not the floors will have to be drilled out.
Left side conduate brackets
Right side Conduate brackets.
Holes in rib to run conduate through.
Cleaveland Rear seats showed up in the mail today, had to put them in place and stare at them for a few min.  Looking more like a plane every day!  It is still hard to believe that it will take 2 more years to get this done.  It seams like it is coming together so quickly.  My rough timetable says I should be done just about now 2 years from now.