Finishing up Baggage Area

posted Apr 17, 2012, 7:54 AM by Bill Thomasson
Primed the access plates and doublers. 
Installed 2 conduate (3/4" from Vans) on left side from the tail, and 1 leading to the underseat antenna.
Installed 3 conduate on right side from the tail.  I fabricated brackets out of sheet stock to hold them in place.
This picture shows the conduates coming out of the seat floor and heading forward.  Also shows the seat access plate for the antenna (COMM).
Left side looking back showing brackets.
Right side.  After looking at some other RV-10's I probably should have run at least one of those streight up the second bay, but what I have should be fine.
Riveted all the floors, and finished the rear baggage bulkhead.
Test fitting of baggage bulkhead.
Seatbelt guide blocks.
I found that my Access plates are partially covered by the closeout pannels. You need to move the access panels further out, and plan for the closeout panels in the placement. Leaving mine how they are, but they don't look as nice and may not be as usefull as I had planned. (Will try to add a picture of the problem)