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Section 34 : Baggage Door

Date Started 3/17/2012
Date Complete 4/9/2012
Time 12.75
Changes From Plans Stiffeners
  Sound insulation

Finishing door

posted Apr 17, 2012, 8:04 AM by Bill Thomasson

Riveted door together and added stiffeners to closeout panel.
Attached hinge.
Door closed.  Tape is holding it shut as I have not purchased the lock yet.
Door Open.
I don't have any pictures as I alighned the door.  There are many reports of it sagging 1/16 of an inch after you rivet it, but I just made sure the fuselage hinge was jammed hard up against the door side of the hinge (so it could not settle after the tape holding the door in place was removed).  After riveting, it slides right into place right in the center of the frame.  I used tape and popsical sticks to hold the door in place while match drilling the fueselage hinge.

Baggage door match drill

posted Mar 20, 2012, 7:18 AM by Bill Thomasson

Sorry no pictures again.  Just getting too much into building and not remembering to pause to take pictures.
Assembled baggage door and match drilled and dimpled everything.
I added 2 J-Stiffeners on the access cover (inside).  I had seen a couple RV-10's that the inside of the baggage door was damaged, probably from forcing the door closed when full of baggage.  I used some spare J-Stiffener from leftover cutoffs from the wings or empenage.
Still need to prime pieces. and assemble.

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