Access covers

posted Apr 17, 2012, 8:39 AM by Bill Thomasson
Deburred rear floors then primed them.
Assembled and match drilled.  Then dimpled. 
1/2" sound insulation on rear floor.  Was planning on using 3/4 like under front floors, but the ribs were not high enough.
As I started to put the floors down I realized I had not dimpled the ribs.  This ended up being a chalenge as even the thin hole squeesers with dimple dies in them could not fit.  Had to do some jerry rigging to get them dimpled.  Make sure to drill and dimple them before installing on bottom skin.
Rear floor installed and ready for riveting.
Left floor pop-riveted.  The side rivets get regular rivets.
At this point I found that I did not have a left and a right floor pan, but 2 left floor pans.  Time to call Van's.  I had missed it on my inventory, but they were nice and said they would fix it even though it was after the 30 days.  I had not found any missing parts in the inventory, so 1 minor messup is not bad at all.
Installed nutplates in logerons. for side access panels.  The end rivet on either side was impossible to buck, so I put pop rivets in them as another builder had done.
Installed nutplates on all other access panels.
Starting to look like a sort-o finished plane.