Painting fuselage

posted Apr 30, 2012, 9:11 AM by Bill Thomasson
Painted areas of fuselage that are not going to be covered with carpet, aerosport interior, or other material.
Masked off where paint should go. Then scuffed with scotchbright, cleaned with acitone, and then sprayed with rattlecan paint.  Went with rattlecan for the ease.  Used 6 cans total  on 3 light coats.  Results look good, will see how durable it ends up being.
It goes good with the carbonfiber.  It has a little bit of silver sparkle in it like carbon fiber.
I did the front around the firewall and floors as the carpet is going to end right at the rudder pedals.  On the right side you can see the aerosport panel.
Seet brackets will be exposed, floor will have carpet.
Baggage door and seat back support will be exposed.
Also the baggage bulkhead, and side access pannels were painted.
I then decided to paint the interior of the forward part of the tunnel white.  This is for better visiblity when working in it and to better be able to spot any blue fuel leak stains. While installing the fuel system I really did like how it looked.