posted Apr 30, 2012, 11:35 AM by Bill Thomasson
Well don't you hate it when something that should take 5 min ends up taking hours.
After match drilling and priming the pushrods it was time to put them together.
With the primer on the inside of the tube the end was hard to get in, so I pulled out the rubber malot and gave it a little "tap".  Unfortunately after a few taps it went a little too far in. (about 1/8 of an inch).  Now the other end was already in and riveted.... Hmmm how can I get the end out.  first I screwed the baring end in and tried to pull and twist it out.... no luck.  I then tried to use a pipe clamp with the end reversed to pull it out.  I tied 1000lb microline through the baring and around the clamp (2 loops = 4000lbs) then backed the clamp out.  After using some pliers on the claim to get more leverage (come on it's only in there with friction) I proceded to snap the end off my clamp.  Off to Home Depot to get a heat gun.  Now with a new pipe clamp, I repeat the process while applying heat, and finally off it comes.  Since I have my pipe clamp out I use the clamp to slowly push the end on.  This time all is well, but instead of 5 min, the whole process takes 3 hours including the trip to HD.