First Fiberglass work

posted May 21, 2012, 8:57 AM by Bill Thomasson
Tried my first fiberglass work.  Added 4 layers of cloth to the door frame on the inside to make up for the removal of the rain gutters (that was needed for the McMaster carr door seals).
After dry cut off the excess with tin snips, and then sanded down to flush.
Then applied micro that was mixed to penut butter consistancy.  After drying sanded down smooth until I could see at least some parts of the original fiberglass. (Don't want the micro too thick).  Only a few small areas then needed further touchup filling.
Then straightend the edge and made a good area for the door seal to fit by filling a section of the door seal material with flox (Epoxy and micro fibers mixed to a toothpaste consistancy)
After removing a nice square 3/16" edge for the door seal to sit on.
I still have to top of the door frames to do the edging process on, and one more light sanding needed, then I will be ready to apply some primer and see how it looks.