posted Jun 14, 2012, 6:48 AM by Bill Thomasson
Cutting the windows was not bad at all.  I did wait until it was 85 degrees out, and moved the windows outside and let them sit for 1 hr before cutting to hopefully make them less prone to cracking.
I cut them with a roto-zip and the cutoff blades that came with the kit.  The hub hole was not big enough for the rotozip, so I had to drill out the hole in the center to get them on the roto-zip.
I cut on the lines provided, and then did a test fit.  It still overlapped on the top some.  I marked a new cut line by looking through the window and then trimmed it.  It then took 2-3 more tries to get it all nicely seated.  After the first cut I just used my belt sander to sand it down where it needed to be lower, and smoothed the entire edge out with the belt sander (100 grit).
Did the same for the rear windows.
Really starting to look like a plane with the windows on:
While the cabin top was off, I drilled the center support holes wider and inserted the bushings, and countersunk the screw holes.  I had been very careful to make the bushings exactly the right length.  This is not needed as you end up countersinking the top of them off.  I also made the bushings long enough to go through the Aerosport Carbonfiber overhead console.  Once this is glued on, it should actually help with the cabin top strength, so no reason for the bushings not to go through it as well.