Aerosport Panel, Center Console, and Overhead get started

posted May 14, 2012, 8:16 AM by Bill Thomasson   [ updated May 14, 2012, 8:55 AM ]
Drilled holes to connect the carbonfiber panel to aluminum structure.  Drilled holes to connect console to panel, and the 3 console pieces together.
Then put nutplates for all the attach screws.
Sanded and Clear coated all the parts of the insturment panel.  This took 3-4 times of sanding and clear coating to get all of the pinholes out.  I am clearcoating with a satin finish as I don't want to panel to be too reflective.
There are a few places where the carbon fiber is not perfect, but I still think it will look good enough for me.  The nice interior is for me, not for it being a showplane.
I also cut up the Vans insturment panel into blanks to fit in the openings of this panel.  They will not work for the final panel as the screw holes are in the wrong places, but good for a test fit panel.
Cut vents into rear side panels, and andded extension arms to vents. (No pictures)
Test fit and aligned overhead console while cabin top was on the plane.  Did this to get the end of it to match the rear bulkhead.  I then drilled and clecoed on either side of the cabin top at the rear to be able to line it back up exactly with the cabin top off the plane.
With the rear bulkhead aligned, the step did not quite match the cabin top.
Cut out the step to get the top to sit flush.
Then match drilled 9 holes and celcoed on each side to hold it in place.
I cut holes for the overhead lights that I am going to put in, and started the holes for the air vents. I don't have the vents yet, so not sure exactly how big to make them.  Will order vents this week.  I used a 1" unibit to make the holes, and then used a dremile with cylander sandpaper to widen the hole to the cut lines.
Aerosport directions for the center console are to trim the leading flange off and not put it under the forward console flang.  I really wanted it to sit together well, so I cut all but 1 cm off the center console flange, and then sanded it at an angle.  I sanded the forward console last 1 cm from the inside at an angle as well.  This made the pieces go together great.
Flanges lined up.
Peices mated together.
I then sanded the console extensively to get the epoxy line where the 2 mold halves meet to go away, and then clear coated.  I probably sanded 5-6 times and clear coated that many to get the pinholes and the center seam to look good. (Pictures above are before that).
Built a strap hole finder to find the underlieing screw holes and then match drilled them.
To build the hole finder I just riveted 2 pieces of 1" wide, about 4" long aluminum together, and then drill a #40 hole through both of them  I then lightly squeezed a -4 rivet in one hole, getting it solid enough that it does not move, but leaving a long shop head to find holes with.
Cut hole for Andair fuel valve (extension) and screws in forward section.  I need to put one last coat of clearcoat on the panel and the center console and then both will be done.