Aerosport progress

posted Jun 4, 2012, 8:04 AM by Bill Thomasson
I am finishing up and working on all different areas of the fuselage as I wait on parts and finish up the fuselage kit.
Finished up the center console with 2 coats of clearcoat with a light scuff between.
Cut openings for vents and lights in overhead console.  Then sanded and clearcoated.  Need to drill center brace holes and trim the front lip and it will be done until final mounting.
Clear coated insturment panel again.
Cut down headliner panels.  This took a lot of iterations to get them to fit fully.
Still trimming.
Trimming completed
Headliner fabric installed!  Wow looks great!.  The white area around the doors will be painted black after the center console is glued in place (after the doors are fitted).