Overhead finishing

posted Jul 17, 2012, 7:57 AM by Bill Thomasson
Well I got my wiring master kit from SteinAir, so it was time to wire up and finish the overhead.
All the wires run.
Vents and lights installed.  I sealed all of the vents and lights in with RTV to keep air from flowing out.
Glued the overhead console into the cabin top.BEFORE you do this you should install the door lift brackets. (I did not, and it made it MUCH more difficult.)  After top dried, 2 layers of micro/sanding to smooth it into the cabin top around the doors.  Then 2 coats of UV Smoothprime. and sanding.
Then painted.  Paint looks great with the cabin top.  Hard to tell, but the overhead is still carbon-fiber with clearcoat and the top is a metalic black. (rattle can)
Overhead complete, cabin top ready for permenent installation.