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Building Process

For people thinking about building an RV, this is the general process that you go through while building each part.
1. Read the manual.  The Manual is very good, with detailed instructions and lots of diagrams showing what you need to do at each step.
2. Pull the parts and remove the blue plastic covering.  All of the pieces that are fabricated from sheet stock have a layer of plastic on them to protect the outer pure aluminum layer (to protect the inner alloy from corrosion) from scratches.  On most parts you will remove it at the start of working with the part.  On the skins you usually leave it on until just before priming to protect it.  Most parts are cut and bent into correct shape from the factory.  Only a small % have to be fabricated from angle or flat stock.
3. Deburr the edges. (See Deburring page)
4. Assemble with the other parts of the assembly with Cleco's (See tools)
5. Final drill the holes that are in common to the pieces in the assembly.
6. Dissasemble the assembly.
7. Deburr the holes that you just drilled.
8. Countersink or dimple holes.  This is so that all exterior rivets sit flush with the skin for better airodynamics and stronger joints.
9. Prime  (See Priming process)
10. Re-assemble with Cleco's.
11. Rivet and you are done!.... well at least with that assembly. Then onto the next assembly.  Most Assemblies take between 30-80 hours, so depending on how many hours you put in, every few weeks you get to complete a part.