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See never ending debates section for a long discussion on the various reasons for what primer to use.


I have decided to go with rattle can Self Etching Primer (Duplicolor). This is available at NAPA auto stores in my area. (Atlanta, GA). I have decided to prime because 95+% of RV builders are priming. I am not too worried about the quality of the primer, as I currently own a 1959 Cessna 182, and it is not primed at all and is doing fine. But since most builder are priming I thought for resale value I better as well.


According to a Survey I conducted on VansAirforce the vast majority are using a Self Etching Primer. The cleanup and prep time are much faster with the rattle cans.


After completing the tail, and seeing how easily solvents remove the self etching primer, I now plan on using an epoxy primer on the wings. I am not worried about the tail, but with fuel and other solvents in the wings I am going to try it. If the cleanup ends up being too much of a hassle I might go back to self etching.


Entire Priming Process that I am using:

1. Scuff part with maroon Scotch-brite pad

2. Wash part with soap and water

3. Wipe part with Acetone (wear respirator)

4. Spray with primer (wear respirator)