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  • Paperwork and Preparing for DAR Well, this was an area that I had apprehension about, but not all that scary once you get into it.90 Days outRegister the aircraft.  This took about 20 ...
    Posted Mar 27, 2014, 12:14 PM by Bill Thomasson
  • Finishing up and DAR inspection The week after the plane was moved to the airport I took 1/2 days from work so that I could keep up with the critical items at work, but ...
    Posted Mar 24, 2014, 9:00 AM by Bill Thomasson
  • Moving to the Airport I have done just about everything that I can do without the wings permanently attached, so it must be time to move to the airport.I called out to the ...
    Posted Mar 24, 2014, 8:48 AM by Bill Thomasson
  • Exhaust System I received 2 different sets of exhaust bolts.  One with the engine, one with the exhaust.  I decided to put the ones that came with the engine on, as they ...
    Posted Mar 24, 2014, 8:31 AM by Bill Thomasson
  • Lightspeed Plasma Electronic Ignition Well this was a very scary part of the build.  The first thing I had to do was to drill and tap 2 holes to mount the mini-sensor.  You ...
    Posted Mar 24, 2014, 8:23 AM by Bill Thomasson
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FAB (posted 2/5/13)
Panel/Wiring is Done 12/10/13 (posted 2/5/13)
Painting is Done 11/4/13 (posted 2/5/13)
Time 6/15/2013 - Updated total build times
Painting  6/1/2013  Starting Painting
Baffling     5/20/2013
Engine Install  5/17/2013
Wheel Pants  4/15/2013
2/14/2013 - 2 years of work today!  Can't believe I started on Valantines day... Don't even remember that. 1736 hrs done, estimate 900 more to go (including 350 for painting)  If I keep the same progress should be just about this time next year for first flight.
Interior - Flightline The Seats come! 2/19/13
Cowl initial matching and Spinner 2/16/13
Wiring 2/7/13
Another long time without posts.  This time it is because I broke my hand indoor skydiving.  I have 4600 skydives without any major injuries, and then go and break my hand indoor skydiving.  That slowed down work considerably, and caused me not to be able to type.  These posts should catch up to the work that has been done.
Bottom Skins 12/28/12 
Farings 12/2/12 
Moving Day 11/6/12
Windows 10/14/12
 Sorry about the lack of updates, I usually update when I complete an item.  I have been all over the place trying to finish up lots of different things.  Just posted work from 7/16-9/4
 Doors 7/15/12
Finish Kit arrive and unpack 6/13/12
Windows 6/12/12
Countersink and more triming of cabin cover 5/8/12
Rear seats 4/17/12

Engine Install


Spreadsheet below contains my build notes and times. I update this after every build session. For pictures and more detailed commentary see the individual posts.  For the most part I am only making a detailed post on difficult things, or things that are not specified in the plans, or things done differently from the plans.  There are plenty of sites that detail every deburring and assembling step.  What I found that I wanted was details on peoples Mods, so that is what I am trying to provide for the next builder.

 If the spreadsheet does not show below click this link Click here to switch to Google Site

RV-10 Build Log

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