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Mounting Equipment

posted Dec 31, 2012, 6:04 AM by Bill Thomasson
Made mounting brackets for most of the equipment including ADHR, radio stack, Electronic ignition.  Cut holes in plane and riveted doublers on.
Fan cutout.  Used rotozip to start, then niblers, then finished with dremil with sanding drums.
Installed sound insullation, and cooling fans. Dark green is doublers under the cooling fan cutouts.
You can also see the radio stack supports.
Final install of main electrical bus to firewall.
Installation of backup battery in tail.  Was planning on putting it under the dash, but instructions specifically say not to put it under the dash.  You have to run 5 wires to front of plane, so that sort of sucks.
Installation of flap motor wires.
Wires coming up to the VPX, and VPX mounted
Installation of ADHR for the G3X
Transponder rack installed, under and sideways to radio rack.
Radio trays installed and front panel installed.