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Panel / Wiring Complete

posted Feb 5, 2014, 8:08 AM by Bill Thomasson
Main power wiring complete.  You can see the mount for the FastStack avionics hub (Gold).
I ended up moving this to behind the subpanel, under the radio stack to make the wires shorter.
Flap motor wires and Flap Position sensor
Panel completed and powered up.

Well, I would suggest doing the wiring exactly opposite of what I did.  It all works, but it took a lot longer and the finished product is not as neat as I would like..... my next plane will be much better. :)

I started wiring from the wing/tail and ran the wires forward.  I had terminated the wires at the wing/tail first.  I did this as I had not purchased my faststack or other avionics, and was trying to delay those purchases.  DONT.
I also ran each wire to the panel one at a time off the spool and then cut the wire.  I was trying to keep from wasting any wire.  DONT.  Figure out what wires you need, and about how long (add a couple feet to be sure to not be too short).  Wire them all to the panel off the plane (before installing upper fuselage).  Then run the bundles to where they are needed once installed in the plane.  Terminate everything at the panel first, and bundle there first.  then work the excess to the end.  Only terminate them after all the slack and routing is done.
Also, I had wired some things from the wing root to the panel that the faststack included.  I then ended up butt splicing them near the panel.  If I had ordered the faststack first, they would have provided long enough wires to go to the wing root.
After installing everything:
Very happy with the VP-X.  It simplified wiring, is very flexible, and was easy to get up and running.
Very happy with Approch Faststack.  Avionics wiring took only a couple of days.  Should be quick and easy to change out parts of my avoinics as well if I ever need to.
Only had 1 grounding block that went through the firewall.  I used every one.(no local grounds) of the 48 place one.
In the future I would have added a ground block on the subpanel that MOST of the grounds would have gone to.  This would have shortened a lot of wires and been a lot easier to access.