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posted Feb 21, 2013, 12:33 PM by Bill Thomasson   [ updated Jul 30, 2013, 7:40 AM ]
Well wiring took WAY longer than I expected.  Much of it was probably my fault and inexperiance.
I ran all the wires first, without terminating either end (but labeling both ends with shrinkwrap.
I then terminated the wires at the wing root, and tightened/straigtened the wires working forward to the panel.
When I got to the panel I then had to cut the wire to the correct length, re-label it as I ended up cutting off the label, terminate it (in the panel, sometimes in not so easy positions) and then connect it. To make the grounds the correct length I ended up going under the panel to measure, then label and crimp, then back under the panel to install.
 I also ran one wire at a time as I was worried about waisting expensive wire. Later found www.wiremasters.com.  They had MUCH better prices than ACS or Stien.  Sometimes less than 1/2.  I also needed much more wire than I expected.  I will total it after I get flying so it will be easier for others to have a ballpark figure. 
I also ran all the wires before crimping and installing any of them.
Things I would do different:
1. Measure the standard runs, add a couple feet to them, then cut multiple wires at the same time, and run them at the same time.
2. only rough label one end (masking tape) until it is terminated on the other end and installed.
3. Run the wires from either end, but first terminate the wires in the panel (firewall for grounds).
4. Neaten the wires from the panel back out to the wing roots and tail.  Then label and terminate.
5. Crimp and install wires as you go (each set or bundle)  that way you wont have to search through a whole bunch of wires for the one you are looking for.
Wires run, starting to connect things.
Trim wires run
Tail light wires secured.  Ended up going with adel clamps screwed into J-stiffenners.  Later I added the Static line in to the same adel clamps.  Nav antena is run on oposite side.
Rockrack switch wiring.  These have 2 leds that are separately wired, and then the item that is switched. I have wired it so one is always on, the other is on if the switch is "on".  With the VPX, the switch being "ON" means it is grounded. So separate power has to be supplied to the LED's.
Switch with both Led's lit.  Top is always on (with master) and is blue, bottom is "ON" indicator and is red.  I ordered these switches from ACS in September, (14 of them).  So far 4 have arrived, the rest are backorded still (Now Febuary), so if you plan on using the RockRack switches you should order with your empenage kit :)
(Love the switches though) (7/30/13 - Switches finally arrived in May 9 months after order.  Rumor is these switches and covers are being discontinued.  If I had it to do over again I would not recommend these switches to anyone based on the very poor customer service & ordering experiance and cost.  Still love the look.  Someone needs to come up with a replacement)
First 4 switches wired in the panel.  This is just the lights wired, not actually what needs switched.  Need 8 faston connectors per switch.
Garmin 650 installed.  That is currently the only avionics I have, the rest I just bought the trays.  April (Sun'n Fun) I will order the rest of my avionics.
RayAllen sticks are the first thing I have had to sauder.
Sticks wired.
Stick wiring is going to run just under the seat bottoms.  Mollex connectors connecting the sticks.  I don't think the stick will be removable without removing the seat.  May have to change this at some point for the co-pilot.
Fabricated bus-bars to go from firewall passthrough to starter solinoid and alternator fuses.  Made out of Copper pipe flattened first with vise, then with rivet squeesers.  Still need to cover with shrinkwrap.  I did not have any 3/4 " shrinkwrap, but today found that Fry's Electronics had a great supply of all colors and clear shrink wrap up to 2" and down to 1/32.  4 ft lengths for 1-2$.  As good of prices as I had found on the internet, and no shipping.
Everything is now wired that I can until I get the rest of the avionics and switches.