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Paint Booth

posted Jun 6, 2013, 12:29 PM by Bill Thomasson
I am trying to keep any toxic fumes (and smell) from the house.
I want to paint in a climate controled environment, so I built a paintbooth in the basement.
To make it large enough to have working room around the wings it takes up almost the entire shop.
I built it out of PVC (not glued) so it could be dissassembled and moved to the garage when it is time to paint the fuselage.
Created a practice piece for painting out of aluminum flashing and some 2x4s.
After a few trys this one was acceptable.  Looks great from 5 feet. Good from 3 feet,
but can see some small bumps from dust, light orange peal (amount is acceptable to me).
Still trying to get less "Trash" in the paint.
Also experimented with non-metalic, but liked the top one the best.
Primed the VS
and rudder
Tried to wet-sand the rudder after 3 hrs..... don't wet sand water based primer, at least not that soon.
The large areas in the middle is where during wet sanding water got underneath the paint and caused to to peal.
Top and bottom are where I needed to sand the joint and smooth it more (that was not evident until it was all one color).  Re-primed after this.
Base white coat on.  VS is not perfect, but meets my standard (5 ft).  Need to apply color accents.
Rudder is going to need re-work.  probably meets the 5ft goal, but definately does not meet the 3ft .
That is where I am at at about 47 hrs of building paintbooth, practice and starting live.
Next post I will talk some about the paint & equipment I am using.