The Empennage of the plane includes the Tail Cone (from behind the baggage compartment), the elevators, rudder, horizontal stabilizer, and vertical stablizer.
Kit order :1/31/2011
Kit arrived : 2/14/2011
Kit finished: 6/28/2011
Time : 312.25 hr  (14 hrs on add-on's not on the plans, 16 hrs on Assembly skipped mounting elevators and rudder but otherwise completed Assembly section.  None of fiberglass work done.)
Changes from plans:
  • Added extra nutplate next to one hinge on HS and VS for a bonding strap to go to the Rudder and Elevators. 
  • Added nutplates on the Elevator and Rudder to screw static wicks to.
  • Created doubler from scraps for ELT antenna on top skin of tail cone in front of VS.  Not sure if I will use this or not, some have put ELT antenna under VS faring, but really easy to add before skin is riveted on.
  •  Created another doubler in very back of bottom skin for NAV antenna.
  • Purchased and installed SafeAir Static ports and lines ($86 from AveryTools.com).  I riveted and prosealed the ports in, added a couple of nutplates to attach the static line with adel clamps, and had to make 1 standoff out of extra j-stiffener to hold the T coupler. 
  • Purchased and installed NACA vents that will be connected to overhead console.  I majorly messed up when installing the left NACA vent, I made a double mistake when cutting the skin.  First, I started to cut the vent with it layed out backwards.  Second, I used the vent as a template and cut the entire opening out.  You are only supposed to cut 1/2 of the opening out. (See post about NACA vents). After a lot of work and a doubler all is well, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. (Except the right side took 1 hr total, left 11 hr total)

Tail Completed

posted Jun 22, 2011, 12:51 PM by Bill Thomasson

The tail is done!! Not totally, but this is the most complete it will be in a picture until final assembly, took it apart after this picture was taken.  Still have to do the trim system and finish the elevator trim hinges in the next couple of days.


posted Jun 22, 2011, 12:45 PM by Bill Thomasson

Took about 3 hrs to inventory it all and move it to my basement workshop.
Skins were bigger than I was expecting and did not have great shelf space for them.
Ribs and other parts fit nicely on the shelves in the shop.
All the small parts
All the skins
The kit was very complete, with only a couple pop-rivets, and a couple bolts missing.  E-mailed Van's the missing parts and they had them too me a couple days later no questions no hassle.

2/14/2011 The Empennage Arrives!

posted Jun 12, 2011, 5:50 PM by Bill Thomasson   [ updated Jun 22, 2011, 12:45 PM ]

Big truck showed up today with the big box of the entire tail of my new RV-10 kit.  From ordering to arriving took less than 2 weeks.

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