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Final installed counter weights.  Decided to flush them with Flox/micro.  This will also make sure the bolts have no way of backing out and interfering with the elevator operation.  Now I just hope I have no reason ever to remove them, as I might end up having to replace the elevators instead. Elevator faring on. I then micro'd over the seam. I did not lay any fiberglass over the seams.
I had to trim the rudder faring flange quite a bit to get it to fit in the rudder.
Mounting the rear light.
Wireing light.  I put a connector on both ends so the light can be removed.
I had to cut a hole in the bottom of the rudder to get the nuts in.  It was not flat enough on the inside to get them mounted streight.  I screwed the light in place with the nuts on the inside after coating the screws with wax.  Then filled around and over the nuts with flox (Cotten fiber and epoxy).  The wax keeps the epoxy from bonding with the screw.  after it was dry then can unscrew the screws, but the nuts are solid in-place.
Initial cut of HS faring and fit of elevator.
I cut out the end-caps from some waste from cutting the carbon fiber out of the insturment panel.
Then floxed them in.  Then layed up 3 layers of e-glass on the back side, and when dry micro'd the front.
Finished farrings.
Installed and added micro to the seam.
Sanded down to match.
Left side.  Shows micro added to outside of Elevator to get it to match the HS tip.
Rudder bottom faring on, seam micro'd
VS top on and micro'd
Center pivit drilled.