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Static Ports / System

posted Jun 24, 2011, 11:26 AM by Bill Thomasson
I purchased the SafeAir1 Static ports and lines from AveryTools ($117.50).  These ports and connectors just looked like a more finished and less jurry rigged solution.  I had also read posts about the tubes cracking over time where they were mounted to the pop-rivets in Van's static system.  I want a low maintanance high reliability plane, so I decided to use the SafeAir1 kit.  To it I had to add 3 adel clamps (1/4 inch) from Aircraft Spruce ($.23 each).  I purchased a variety of adel clamps from Spruce as I know I will need them for many different mounts as this kit progresses.
I decided to both rivet and Proseal the ports in.  I read some reports of ports that were just riveted in as not passing static checks because the suction cup tester covered the rivets and although the port was not leaking, the rivets were, causing the test to fail.  The though of just prosealing them, with that little contact area, and the large leverage arm of the port, connecter and tube possibly vibrating the proseal I did not like either, so I did both.
I added a bracket (with nutplate) that I made out of some leftover J-stiffener to hold the T-connector that will route the static line to the front of the plane, and 2 more nutplates for the adel clamps to hold the crossover line connecting the 2 static ports.
I am very happy with how the static system is installed (so far at least).  The T-connector (right side even with logeron) is setup so that at least the initial part of the run up front will go down the logeron.