Start to Finish of VS

posted Jun 12, 2011, 7:28 PM by Bill Thomasson
Total Time VS: 27.25 hr
I did not start my blog until in the middle of the tailcone, so entries before that are sparse.
2/15/2011     1.75     Cut first metal, Drilled first hole!
2/16/2011     1.5       Deburring holes, Finally drilling #30 holes
2/17/2011     1          Final drilling #30 holes, Assembling skelitin, first fit of skin.
2/18/2011     1.75     Final drill skin
2/19/2011     1          Dissassembly, deburr skin
2/20/2011     3.25  
2/22/2011              Deburr skeleton, Countersink, scotchbright for priming
2/23/2011     1.75    Countersink, priming.  First deviation from plans.  Put in a nutplate for a bonding strip between vs and                                 rudder just above middle hinge bracket
2/24/2011     3         Riveting!!!! (And fixing mistake, riveted top hing bracket on wrong side 1 hr)
2/25/2011     3.5      Riveting, and more Riveting.  Priming of skin could have been more through, top hing bracket
                                rivets are not the best.  Make sure to check these during inspections
All my VS pictures.