The Team

Project Manager

Bill Thomasson

My day job is AVP of IT at Custard Insurance Adjusters.  When I am not developing software, installing phone systems, or doing 1000's of other IT tasks, I also am an avid skydiver (That is what got me into avation)., Pilot, and woodworker.  Since the RV is being built in the woodshop, not much woodworking will be getting done in the next several years. You can reach me at Bill @ if you have any questions.
Michael Thomasson

Michael has help once or twice inserting rivets and Cleco'ing parts. 


Brendan Thomasson

 Brendan has helped several times, Cleco'ing parts together, grinding rough edges down on the bench grinder, and inserting rivets.


Dee Thomasson
Dee is very supportive of the project and of my time spent on it.  She is happy it gets me away from the TV.  She has helped hold the bucking bar on a few rivets where I needed longer arms.  But not so supportive that she would contribute the extra $15,000 to get the quickbuild kit.