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Bottom Skins

posted Dec 31, 2012, 9:13 AM by Bill Thomasson
Finished all the wing accessories and wiring
Tapped the wing tiedown bolts.  You are supposed to do this before riveting the leading edge.  It was not a problem doing it now. (Did not have a tap set before)
Installed autopilot servo.  I made the mistake of safety wiring it.  Don't, you will need it out when riveting the bottom skin.
Mounted heated pitot on mast.  Required some fileing to get it in.
Elected to put it just outboard of inspection plate.
Cut skin (with drill, then dremil sanding drum), then added rivet holes.
Mounted circuit board for the pitot heat control.
Finished all other wiring in the wing, added several nutplates for adel clamps.
Started riveting.  Using string to tie the skin to the flap attach really helped.
Last 1/3 of the wing.
Daniel came by 2 days to help me on the bottom skins.  He helped for about 10 of the 20 or so hours it took.  Most of it could be done by 1 person, but it really helped to have the extra hands and arm reach of 2 people.  Especially the second 1/2 of the first skin, and the first 1/2 of the second skin.
Inspectiing rivets.
Wings are Done.  Now back to wiring.