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Flaps & Ailerons

posted Dec 29, 2011, 1:03 PM by Bill Thomasson
Not much to say about them.  Ailerons went together very quickly and to plans.  Only big thing is make sure to drill the steel counterwieghts VERY SLOWLY.  I went through a bit a hole for the first 3-4 holes, taking 5-10 min per hole.  I though I was never going to get done.  Then I read on VAF that you have to drill slower.  Then it would only take 30sec to 1 min to drill each hole and I did not burn up the bits.  Other than that they are very similar to rudder.
Tip:  When attaching ailerons there are many washers bushings etc that you have to get on bolts in a very tight space.  I found by far the best way to do it is to string them on dental floss, then tighten the dental floss and slide the bolt in.  Then slide the dental floss out and put the nut on the end. 
Flap Assembly
Flap match drill.  Did not take many pictures during this as I was bouncing between fueltanks, flaps, ailerons, and testing tanks, and vacations.