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Left Wing main section Complete

posted Aug 24, 2011, 5:30 AM by Bill Thomasson
I finished match drilling all of the main section of the left wing.  Including topskin and bottom skin before riveting the ribs on.  I then dissasembled all of it and spent a long time deburring and dimpling everything.  This allowed me to dimple the ribs with the DRDT-2.  Also allowed 1 big priming day instead of priming each set of pieces separately.  This method seems to have worked very well, and I will do it the same for the right wing.
Ribs assembled
Dimpling the skins.  Again, I went ahead and match drilled and dimpled the bottom skin along with the top skin.  I did not rivet the bottom skin on yet as need it off to run wires etc.
Structure primed and riveting the rear spar on.
Notice that the clecos are on the inside, this is so it will sit flat on the backrivet plate.
Backriveting the top skin on.  I did all the rivets on the top skin by myself by using a backriveting plate and a long offset backrivet attachment. Only did not get 4-5 rivets set perfectly that had to be drilled out and re-set. 
Here I am clamping the main spar to the backrivet plate to make sure there is no gap between the skin and the plate to get the rivets to set perfect.
Another shot of the backrivet plate being positioned to set the rivets.  The trailing 1/2 of the wing could be done all at the same time, the leading portion of the ribs I had to adjust the tilt of the wing every 3 rivets to make sure they were sitting flat on the backrivet plate.  Would have been quicker with a helper, probably took 1 hr extra to do by myself, but since I don't have a regular helper....
Top skin complete