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Right Wing Center Section Complete

posted Sep 8, 2011, 5:55 AM by Bill Thomasson   [ updated Dec 29, 2011, 12:44 PM ]
Sections 14,15,16
Part Started: 7/23/2011
Part finished: 9/7/2011 (Right and Left)
Time : 101 hrs
Section 14 Wing Ribs 36 hrs
Section 15 Rear Spar 15 hrs
Section 16 Top Skin 50 hrs
Changes from plans:
     Drilled 3/4 inch holes in spars for conduate.
     Prepared bottom skins at same time including match drilling and dimpling the ribs.
I have now completed both wing center sections and working on the leading edge.
Right wing went together just like the left wing.
Tip: Don't bolt on the Aileron Bellcrank brackets until you have backrivited the topskin on (if you are going to backrivet it).  It sticks out and you have to remove them to do the backriveting.  They also get in the way of riveting the leading edge.  Leave them off until you do aileron activation.
Tip: If working alone (no bucking help) rivet the leading edge on before putting the topskin on.  That way you can squeese both sides of the leading edge on, and can still backrivet the topskin on (although will probably be a little harder to manuver the wing while backriveting.  The top side of the leading edge is the only place I have had to have bucking help. (Thanks Brian Michael)
One set of rivets ready to be placed on the backrivet plate.
After completing the topskin, I did then add rivet on the flap gap fairing and aileron gap fairing. from section 20.  Bottom skins are already match drilled, dimpled and primed.
Next comes some woodwork as I need to build my wing stand and the jigs for the leading edge.