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Waiting on Wings, Time to remodel house

posted Jul 18, 2011, 6:44 AM by Bill Thomasson
Well, my wing kit is scheduled to arrive next week, so since the tail is complete it is time to move it to storage in the garage so that I have more room in the basement shop.  Unfortunately it will not fit through the door to the basement, so it is time to do some remodelling.  This was in the "Plans", I have a set of windows that look out on our patio.  These will be converted to double doors wide enough to get the fusalage of the plane (including wing spar stubs) out of.
After removing the windows I found that the header was 3" too short to fit a full 6 foot door in.  Looked at custom ordering a door, but the price was $300 more, and had a 3-5 week lead time.... Time to install a new header :)
Still have to finish the drywall up and paint inside (next time I am waiting for a kit as the wings have arrived).  Door installation took about 13 hr of work.  Not including this in my build time.