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Wing Progress

posted Jul 25, 2011, 7:36 AM by Bill Thomasson
Don't have any completed steps, just lots of progress on many different steps.  I have decided to build further through the plans before riveting. I am mainly working on the Left wing (don't really have space to have both wings layed out at one time), but any parts manufacturing that needs to be done I am doing for both wings, so the right wing should come together quickly after I am done with the left.  I am also continuing the build-up and match drilling of the entire main section of the wing (Ribs, Rear Spar, Top Skin, and possibly bottom skin) before dissasembling, deburring, dimpling, and priming.  It seems to me that getting the skins match drilled now will allow me to dimple the ribs by themselves, this is much easier than doing it after they are attached together.  Will follow-up after wing body completed to let you know if there were any gotcha's doing it this way.
Some photos of the progress:
A million holes that have to be countersunk
Countersunks all done and nutplates installed.
Closeup of the countersinks
Ribs attached to the spar!  All of the sudden it looks big! (and something like a wing.
Rear spar attached.  This is 31 hrs into wing kit.  The 5 ribs that had modifications done are edge-deburred, the others still need deburred.  All parts that needed modification have been done for right wing as well.