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Wing Tips and lights

posted Dec 31, 2012, 8:47 AM by Bill Thomasson   [ updated Dec 31, 2012, 8:53 AM ]
Trimmed the wingtips.
Rough cut the plexiglass with roto-zip.  Then sanded on belt sander to get to final fit.
Mounted lights.... then realized I had mounted them backwards, witht the landing light pointed out and the position light pointed forward.... ARG. 
Patched fiberglass and ready to start over.
Now facing the correct way.  Also Mirrored plexi added to the surfaces. (Still has plastic on the mirror currently)
Position light offset upwards to keep it out of the landing light.
I decided to do something different with the taxi lights.  Instead of using ductworks lights. I decided to put them in the wingtip.
Started by cutting a hole.
Then covered the cutout piece with 5 layers of masking tape to build up and edge, then packing tape, and taped it back into the opening.  Then layed up 3 ply of fiberglass overlaping the opening and the wingtip about 1" in each direction.
After drying, then popped the cut piece back out, and trimmed the edge of the fiberglass to be 3/8" on sides and 1/2" on top and bottom.  This leaves a edge that the plexiglass cover will fit into.
Then used some cutoff from the doors as a mounting plate for the light itself.  I mounted it perpendicular to the cord of the wing (string), and perpendicular to the span of the wing.
Then floxed the piece in followed by 2 ply of e-glass.
Added nutplates for mounting.
Final install.  Still need to buy some plexi and bend it to match the opening.
Created mount for landing light.  It is mounted with one screw in the side.  This will allow me to pivot it to get it pointed in the correct direction.(up/down)
Installed all the nutplates for mounting, then covered wing with packing tape and micro'ed the edge of the wingtip.
Installed Archer comm antena in right wingtip.  The base of the antenna gets riveted with the nutplates.  The top of the antena I wrapped some fiberglass around to bond it to the top of the tip.